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Fashion Show & Duds to Dazzle

The 2019 Kleberg-Kenedy County Fashion Show & Duds to Dazzle Contest will be held on March 24, 2019 at 2:00 PM at the Pan American School.

Entries are due to the Extension Office March 18, 2019 by 5:00 PM.

Duds to Dazzle Entry Form 2019

Fashion Show Entry Form 2019

You must compete at the county contest to be eligible to participate in the District 12 contest.


Duds to Dazzle Rules & Guidelines 2019

Fashion Show Rules & Guidelines 2019

Fashion Show Commentary- Construction & Buying 2019

Fashion Show-Buying Interview Questions 2019

Fashion Show-Buying Score Sheet 2019

Fashion Show-Construction Interview Questions 2019

Fashion Show-Construction Score Sheet 2019

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1st place from each category within each age division is eligible to advance to district contest. Registration for district contest is open on 4-H Connect through March 20, 2019. Details on district contest: Click here!

Kleberg- Kenedy County 2019 photography results:

Junior Division Winners

Domestic Animals- Isabella Kieschnick

Landscape- Grace Fry

Details & Macro- Grace Fry

Plant & Flora- Grace Fry

Intermediate Division Winners

Domestic Animals- Faith Fry

Catch All- Amy Kaye Mathis

Dominant Color- Amy Kaye Mathis

Elements of Design- Makenzie Gottschalk

Landscape- Faith Fry

Details & Macro- Amy Kaye Mathis

Motion- Makenzie Gottschalk

Plant & Flora- Jackson Green

Sports- Makenzie Gottschalk

Travel- Amy Kaye Mathis

Wildlife- Makenzie Gottschalk

Senior Division Winners

Catch All- Samantha Gonzalez

Elements of Design- Cesia Gonzalez

Landscape- Triana Esponda

Motion- Cesia Gonzalez

People- Jessica Pena

Sports- Cesia Gonzalez

Travel- Cesia Gonzalez

The 2019 Kleberg-Kenedy County Photography Contest will be held virtually.

All entries are due by midnight on March 8, 2019. Winners will be announced on March 12, 2019.

Photos must be submitted through the Google Drive link.


Kleberg-Kenedy County Photography Contest rules & guidelines

Category and scoring guidelines & information

Food & Nutrition

The 2018 Kleberg-Kenedy County 4-H Food Show and Food Challenge will be held on Sunday, November 4, 2018 at Santa Gertrudis ISD.

Entries are due to the Extension Office by 5:00 pm on October 23, 2018.

2018 Food Show

2018 Pre 4-H Food Show Entry Form

2018 Junior & Intermediate Food Show Entry Form

2018 Senior Food Show Entry Form

2018 Food Challenge

2018 Food Challenge Entry Form


Food Challenge:

2019 Food Challenge Rules & Guidelines

2019 Food Challenge Scorecard- Preparation

2019 Food Challenge Scorecard- Presentation

2019 Team Resources Packet

Food Challenge Worksheet

Cost Analysis Video

Food Challenge Coaching Tips

Cost Analysis Lesson Plan

District 12 Contest Information

Food Show:

2019 Food Show Rules & Guidelines

2019 Food Show Scorecard

District 12 Food Show Information

General Food & Nutrition:

Fight BAC

Food Safety Fact Sheet

Know Your Nutrients



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