Kleberg Kenedy County Junior Livestock Show

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2021-2022 Rules and Regulations

Homemaking Division Information

Youth Homemaking Validation Form_2021

Submit completed validations cards to KKJLS_Homemaking@hotmail.com before January 11, 2022.

In person validation will be January 11, 2022, from 4 – 7pm at the Extension Office.


Youth Homemaking Portfolio

This should be submitted at check in with your non-food entry. The only exception is photography.


KKJLS Homemaking Division Guidebook



Quality Counts 


All exhibitors must be Quality Counts certified through their respective Texas 4-H or FFA program by the entry deadline. Exhibitor’s Quality Counts certification number is required at the time of online entry. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification. Quality Counts certification numbers will be verified through the Extension Office and/or FFA advisors.

For details and course access click here: https://agrilife.org/qualitycounts/

Frequently asked questions:

  • Who has to become verified?

All KKJLS exhibitors both homemaking and livestock must complete the Quality Counts training. Peewee exhibitors do not complete the training.

  • How often must I be “verified”?

Exhibitors need to be verified once as a junior (grade 3-5), once as an intermediate (grade 6-8), and once again as a senior (grade 9-12).

  • How do I become verified?

Pass the online test with 80% correct answers.

  • How many times can I take the test?

As many times as necessary to achieve an 80% score.

  • Can someone else use my number?

No.  The number is tied back to your name. When the number is entered into the system, only your name appears.

  • How do I learn the material needed to pass the test?

All of the material is available online at Qualitycounts.tamu.edu.

  • How long does the Quality Counts verification take to complete?

The training will take approximately 2 hours to complete and can be done at more than one sitting, but you must use the same device.

  • Do I need a separate verification number for 4-H and FFA?

When you take the test, you must selected both FFA and 4-H as your affiliated organizations, one number is all that is needed. This will ensure that both the Extension Office and FFA have access to your record.

KKJLS  Auction Information for Thank You notes and Project Record Forms

Instructions for receiving KKJLS Checks: 2020 KKJLS Check Requirements Instructions

Exhibitors by Sale Order with amounts: Exhibitors by Sale Order with Amounts

Buyer Addresses: Buyer Addresses

NOTE: As per instructions, once completed please drop-off in drop-off box outside the Extension Office.

Project Record Forms




KKJLS Add-On Form

































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