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Healthy Texas is the combination of Texas A&M University Health Science Center with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service‘s partnership to bring better resources, knowledge and programs to better our community’s health.

“Our comprehensive, multidisciplinary team promotes preventive health at the most local level of the community, improving the well-being of Texans for generations to come. We engage families, enhance education, promote behavior change and improve quality of medical care and health outcomes,” – Healthy Texas team.

Master Wellness Volunteer Program

Healthy Texas Youth Ambassador Program

This program is designed for high school age youth who have a passion for health and wellness. Youth will be trained at the local & regional level to become youth health experts who can motivate others to make changes in their lifestyle and improve overall health.  More importantly, ambassadors will assist local county extension agents with program eorts, project activities, and much more!

Membership is open to all youth entering at least 9th grade regardless of socioeconomic level, race, color, sex, national origin or disability. Ambassadors will serve a two-year term beginning summer prior to the start of the school year.

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 Please contact Zelina Zavala 


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Healthy South Texas-Kleberg Kenedy Counties


Kenedy County Healthy South Texas Programs 2019:

This 8-week physical activity program focuses on promoting healthy, active lifestyles by encouraging participants to register either as a solo-walker or in teams of up to 8 members. The goal of the program is to walk a collective amount of 832 miles by the end of the 8 weeks. Beginning with a kick-off event, participants will track their miles on our Walk Across Texas website and can view their progress.

Dinner Tonight is a multi-faceted healthy cooking school that offers our community tips, tricks, recipes, info-graphics and much more. Weekly newsletters, YouTube recipe videos, an interactive website, and an annual Healthy Cooking School event offers information on nutrition, family mealtime, food safety, food preparation, among other helpful hints on our Dinner Tonight website and social media.

Cooking Well with Diabetes is a series of four, fun, interactive classes packed with research based information and delicious diabetes friendly recipes. For more information about upcoming classes, contact your county extension agent or partnering organization. Topics include: 1.) Carbohydrate Foods, Recognizing carbohydrate in recipes and using sweeteners effectively, 2.) Make Recipes with Fat: Better for You and Healthy fats & fat substitutions, 3.) Double Pleasure Side Dishes: Reducing sodium and increasing fiber, 4.) Celebrating Sensibly: Special event recipes that are healthy and delicious.

LGEG is an evidence-based program with predictable outcomes when the program is implemented fully using all program components. The randomized controlled trial study with 1369 students and 1206 parents demonstrated significant nutrition and physical activity behavioral outcomes and reduced child overweight. Assuring full implementation of all program components would provide high confidence in obtaining outcomes similar to those outcomes of the research project.


For more information on Healthy South Texas, visit our Healthy Texas page.

For more information on local events, contact:

Zelina Zavala, Extension Agent – Health



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